For the past twelve years I have worked as a therapeutic harpist in healthcare.  It has been the most rewarding time of my life and  has shaped, moulded, challenged and changed the way I live my life. What does a therapeutic harpist do? We offer music to support, comfort and soothe others experiencing physical, emotional or spiritual pain. As I play I can  craft a sacred space, to promote rest, comfort, solace and beauty. I can adjust my music to what I see,  a sigh, a muscle twitch, an readjusting of position all show me to adjust my music to uplift, quieten down, soothe or energise the person I am playing for. I have been present as people are dying and when babies have just been born. I have supported people in pain and listened to stories of resilience, loss, grief, hope. I have observed love, determination, anger and pain as life is lived under altered circumstances. It is special work and there is a growing group of certified practitioners playing in both healthcare and the community. Therefore, I was very excited to finally release my first book The Therapeutic Harp Workbook” last week. It took a long time to write and is the first in a trilogy on Therapeutic harp practice. Hopefully, this first book gives both practicalities and insights into the world of working as a Therapeutic Harpist.  Thank you to those people who are starting to follow this blog. I am looking forward to sharing a eclectic mix of stories, quotes I like, music, art, and meditations I would like to share.

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