I am so pleased to be able to advise that  “The Therapeutic harp workbook”  is now available.

This is the first Australian offering providing information on working as a Therapeutic harpist.

The cost per book is AU $90 plus postage and handling.  Please note the  price for postage and handling will vary depending on location and delivery method.

The book can be purchased in a couple of ways:

  • Directly from me 
  • If you live in Sydney Verna Lee (Harp Bazaar ) will have copies. Purchasing  them from Verna will be cheaper for those in the Sydney region due to bulk posting rate.

What’s it about?

The Therapeutic Harp workbook is a practical guide exploring the wonderful world and nuances of Therapeutic Harp. This relatively new profession uses the harp to support a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in healthcare facilities and in the community. The harp has been an instrument of transformation and healing since ancient times and a recent resurgence in its use in healthcare has seen the profession of therapeutic harp grow.

Drawing on 12 years of clinical practice, Alison provides guidance and suggestions for all musicians wanting an insight into the deeper aspects of playing in a therapeutic style within health care and community environments.

By using case studies, practical strategies, journaling and art activities, this workbook will assist and further develop your understanding of therapeutic harp. Topics include what is therapeutic harp; finding a training program; self-care; professional practices; musical development; artistry and explores the spiritual aspects of playing music at the bedside of the ill. Also included are inspirational stories from other therapeutic harp practitioners.

The therapeutic  harp workbook encourages you to dream big as you create and develop a new way of offering your music. 

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