Mentoring Options

Professional coaching/guidance

I am now available for professional practice mentoring, support, guidance and coaching.

Who is coaching aimed at?

Harpists who are interested in developing their artistry

  • Students in therapeutic harp programs who would like additional support and resources.
  • Certified graduates needing extra guidance on how to obtain further skills and knowledge regarding working in Australia.
  • Individuals interested in the therapeutic harp field

Why have additional support?

A culmination of 14 years bedside experience and completion of extensive study programs have enabled me to create a successful full time therapeutic harp practice. I have worked in a broad range of healthcare facilities and community centres offering bedside music in areas such as acute care, surgical, medical, mental health, palliative, oncology, hospice, maternity, ICU, aged care, respite, end of life, neurological, NICU, accident and emergency and dementia wards.

 I am aware of the challenges and difficulties of creating work in Australia while remaining true to the core aspect of this work which is music, service, presence and deep listening.

Topics may include:

  • How to build a professional identity- creating and offering a therapeutic harp practise in Australia.
  • A new integrated approach to therapeutic harp combining music, medicine and spirituality.
  • New documentation following an action/reflection model. This is designed to facilitate active learning during clinical placement and bedside work.
  • A contemplative guide to playing
  • A practical hands on approach to the modes and how or when to use them.
  • Repertoire development based on the Celtic strains of  laughter, lullaby and lament. (merry, soothing and sad)
  • Guidance in writing proposals, funding briefs, models and ideas for employment- all suitable for the  Australian healthcare
  • Debriefing and counselling

What else can I help you with?

Contact Alison for costs and further  details.