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Over the past 12 years I have had the privilege to share information regarding the growing field of therapeutic harp to many community groups and associations. I was also pleased to be able to present at the 2014 world harp congress about the use of the harp in health and hospice care.



The Canberra Times 18th May 2019

The International Harp therapy Journal Volume 24 Spring 2019 –

Articles Therapeutic harp, A memoir and Intern program at Canberra Hospital Update.

The International Harp Therapy Journal – Volume 21, no 2 Summer 2016

Article- Cultivating a therapeutic relationship with patients.

International Harp Therapy Journal – Fall 2014 Vol 19 No 3

International Brain Tumour Alliance World edition journal 2014 

Article: music speaks what cannot be expressed.

ABC Life Matters 2014



City News 19 June  2013

Power of Alison’s healing harp

Canberra Times  Ian Warden 2012

Journal of the Australasian Rehabilitation Nurses Association;dn=487906908410843;res=IELHEA